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    They want to stay in top and keep us on the bottom! Nagaaa.....nagaaa......not gonna happen!!



    They want to stay in top and keep us on the bottom! Nagaaa.....nagaaa......not gonna happen!!

    Post  Guest on Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:47 am

    Did you know that Money became Currency in 1971 when they began priniting it?
    Did you know that because it is now currency, it has to keep circulating in the economy in order to keep its value up?
    Did you know that the U.S. Dollar lost 80% of its value?
    Did you know that if no one spends currency, then the value goes down?
    I heard of this book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki. I found the audiobook on youtube, and listened to it. It was another eye opener for me. We hate rich people with a passion, but its not their fault! Its how the system is set up. Did you know that earned income is the highest form of taxed pay? Rich people pay little to no taxes because they are FINANCIALLY SMART! We can do it too! So why are we still "struggling to make ends meet?" because we were'nt taught about money because our parents were'nt taught about money and so on. We think the government can solve our money problems and it CAN'T. They can't solve their own blessed money problems. We need REAL financial education and not that hocus pocus shit they teach us in school...which is another institution used to make money for the "government". Here is a video of Robert Kiyosaki explaining Financial IQ... take it or not... but either way, BE BLESSED and THINK RICH!

    They want you to buy the candy so you can eat it all so your teeth can rot so the Dental Health Industry can make money!
    They want you to drink the alcohol so you can damage your liver so the Medical Care Industry can make money!
    They want to keep you under their control so they can tell you how to think so you dont think of ways to out smart them AND MAKE MONEY!!


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