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    Renouned Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente Is Predicting A "Financial Disaster" In 2013

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    Renouned Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente Is Predicting A "Financial Disaster" In 2013 Empty Renouned Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente Is Predicting A "Financial Disaster" In 2013

    Post  Nykki P on Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:24 pm

    Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente spoke with King world News about what he believes will usher in a massive financial collapse in 2013. He also discussed the recent gold and silver smash, and told KWN he is buying physical gold and silver right now. Celente is the founder of Trends Research, and the man many consider to be the top trends forcaster in the world.

    The bond bomb is ready to explode. Threatening to make the real estate and dot com bubles, and even the Great Recession, look like market corrections. Clemente says This piece is penned by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the former assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan. And he is convinced that the bomb bubble is about to burst. This cannot continue to go on the way it is. Everyone knows that the whole game is rigged, and so is this. And when this thing bursts its on a road to financial collapse. He claims it is because the whole world is being propped up by these phony bonds and its going to collapse. Having to happen because interest rates are going to start going up, and when they do the bond bubble explodes.

    HOw can gold and silver prices be going down? We just heard the federal reserve chairman give us another name for QE4, but they did it. Draghi promised to do whatever it takes to keep the markets going. The new prime minister of Japan (Shinzo Abe). Hes now telling the Bank of Japan he wants quantitive easing, printing more cheap money and debasing the currency.
    Theres also a gold and silver smash happening. When you look at the amount of gold and silver traded on the commodities exchanges, its very easy to manipulate it. And they are manipulating (the metals) mostly at night in the Asian markets. Gold has been around forever. Its not going any where and neither is silver. Doesnt give financial advice but having a retirement account he put his money into buying silver and gold. The public is buying monsterous amounts of gold and silver out of fear. The bottom line investors need to sit down and think about the likely destrction of their paper financial assets, as well as assets financed by the credit bubble.That destruction will be happening in the next few years, physical gold and silver will by far be the best protection during this period of financial destruction.

    http;// for more info on this article.

    Here are also 3 Reasons For A financial crisis in 2013.
    Chaos leads to confusion.First, the reverberations of the origianal crisis four years ago are still being lamented upon, and the global meandering towards recovery is still patchy and slow. Generally speaking, governments and people are finding it difficult to fish more funds as high debt levels still burden and treasuries alike.
    Secondly, the fear of keynesian liquidity trap abound the world scenario. The monteray police has peaked: the fed keeping the interest rate around the current low level of 0-0.25%, ECB bringing down the deposit rate and Bank Of Japan sticking to thier close to zero policy rate. In such a situation increasin the money supply as in the case of quantitative easing, will fail to stimulate the economy rendering the monetary policy ineffective.
    Austerity can be painful, and this along with its political repercussions is the third stab to the global economy. Global elites, as in the case of the eurozone debt crisis, and the us fiscal cliff threat , are struggling to jump out of their fiscal cliff threat, are struggling to jump out of their fiscal holes through sharp spending cuts that dampen any hope for economic uplift.

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