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This forum is to present facts to the public that they may be unaware of. Here they can engage in intellectual dialogue with the developer, members, and those who visit. Seeking more KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH!!!



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    Post  Spreadingthetruth on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:57 pm

    THE 'FLU PANDEMIC' HOAX of 2013 ::: Much of the population is ill and susceptible to colds and flu's during the winter because most are not properly taking care of their bodies. There is NO FLU PANDEMIC. People are ill because of their diets. People have no idea for the most part what FOOD even is anymore. Processed foods, GMO's, irradiated foods, sugary foods have destroyed many human lives. It has been marketed that way to us to make us WANT to eat these things. The pharma industry spent $57.5 billion on marketing and promotion in 2004. The amount spent on research and development pales in comparison, at $31.5 billion. Add to that what the industry spends in lobbying, and it adds up to a mind-numbing figure. Marketing is used to LIE to you on a daily basis. Wouldn't it be AMAZING if the news told us the true natural remedies to protect our health, rather then using pandemic FEAR to get us to take flu shots? This can all be changed and I believe personal freedom starts with your health. Please share the knowledge which others may not have. Together a new community can stay. Thank you.

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