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    Raspy Rawls
    Raspy Rawls

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    Post  Raspy Rawls on Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:04 pm

    We've all heard the saying, THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED!!! No duh, the mass media is a weapon of mass destruction, and those who control it will not allow the images to uplift you to be played repeatedly. I've always heard that it will get bloody when the revolution hits, but who's to say that the revolution has to be a physical one. Was this just another ploy to have some sitting back waiting on the first revolutionaries to get killed on the front line before they decided to fight back. Which by that time would be too late. Or was this another ploy to create another sense of fear into us. As I look around I cannot help but wonder will this revolution be one in the mental capacity. Think about it........ Just those three words say enough for me, THINK ABOUT IT!!! The one thing they fear the most is for us to THINK!!! People in other countries are doing away with the poisons that their governments have created without violence too. Of course we have the countries that violence is all they know, so that is their first method to attempt to bring change. But what about the countries like Ireland who kicked their officials out of office, and drafted them a new constitution that was voted on by the people. And it was done publicly where all could see. Or Peru, they recently had Monsanto and their poisonous methods banned from their country. America is the giant that the rest of the world is awaiting to wake up. They know that if we wake up here, the entire world will change. According to the Mayans this is the cycle of awakening, and I swear I'm starting to see more and more people coming around than ever before. So just think if the revolution is actually one of the mind, and it is actually happening as we speak. If you're already a part of it, please by all means, continue to push forward and spread the info. I applaud you and your efforts. If this is all new to you, I'd advise you to start digging into the origin of things. See what is really going on for yourself. Don't wait on me or anyone else to give you the info you need, go out and seek it. You are smart enough to read and decipher truth from bullshyt. Now waking up can and will piss you off at first. If you have problems with it, just read these stages of awakening to let you know that it is normal what you are going through. We've all been through this.

    Now don't get me wrong, they will be blood shed. I fail to believe that will ever stop. But to say this revolution will be like all the rest, I'm starting to see things in a different light the more I learn. They have been doing things for years to slow our thinking down. Why is so important that we not think, yet we can goto war, or they can allow guns to roam freely on the black market? It's like they're saying it's cool for us to fight and kill one another, but never think about what you're doing. THE MIND IS THE KEY TO IT ALL!!! That's why GOD said bind HIS words in your heart (mind). Your MIND is your temple, not your body. Everything that has been done is to corrupt it, but why tho? Because the revolution that can change the world is not a physical one, IT'S A MENTAL ONE!!! How do you feel about this? Please leave your feedback. I really want to know how others feel about this matter!!!!


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    Post  iamjusray_TCC_MM on Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:48 am

    I definitely think that we are in transition toward a revolutionary period, because if history shows us nothing it shows us that it loves to repeat itself, and with the growing amount of overt oppression and deceit, I feel that people are becoming more aware and angry with their oppressors which has inevitably always, led to a rebellion. Even though the shows they show on tv like Jesse Ventura's short lived series, or the mini series that Oliver Stone has on Showtime "The Untold History of the U.S." may contain some lies and propaganda; the fact that they reach a large audience is good because they also contain elements of the truth, make people question the lies they're being told, and at the very least they could make some people watching want to go out and do their own research about those topics to see the truth for their self.
    It's true that they want to corrupt our mind too, because it's powers are without end. The very workings of our bodies is scientific poetry at its finest, and it's all controlled by the mind. They want to keep us from strengthening our strongest muscle, which is why they are trying to keep kids from becoming more artistic by removing the music and arts programs from the school curriculum because they know that artistic development assists intelligence, and also why they poison our food, air, and damn near everything else we interact with to keep our minds polluted. Just like you said though, there will be bloodshed. I remember reading Malcolm X and he said there has not been a major revolution of change in the history of the world that did not contain bloodshed. Sadly, that truth is enough to scare a lot of people into being herded like sheep into the confines of a fenced in pasture to graze on a limited supply of grass, but not me though, I can't go out like that.

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