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    iPhone or Eyephone Pt. 1


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    iPhone or Eyephone Pt. 1  Empty iPhone or Eyephone Pt. 1

    Post  DirtyDave1906 on Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:58 pm

    iPhone or Eyephone??? *****Disclaimer****** I can't afford an iPhone, but I love the technology part of it. I probably would have one, but I can only afford a Sky Pager.  Seriously, the technology is cutting edge, but a smartphone in the hands of a not-so-smart person is the making of a disaster. All cellphones now pretty much fall into that category, but Apple is taking it a step further. 

    The reason why I say Eyephone is because the phone is actually tracking all your movements. A lot of people know this, but some  do not have a clue. Jonathan Zdiarski a former computer hacker stated, "There are a lot of security issues in the design of the IPhone that lends themselves to retaining more personal information than any other device". Hmmm, sounds rather interesting. Another feature is the "geotags" on photos posted online will indicate where a pic was taken and the serial number of the phone that took it. 

    Apple was granted a patent about a month ago, that will be able to disable your camera according to location. Also this patent will allow them to disable apps like social media and texting. So on that note, I ask you again IPhone or Eyephone???? 

    Oh, by the way text messages are monitored as well. Google Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. 

    *****Kanye shugs, drops mike and walks off stage***** 

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