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    The finacial plight of the US


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    The finacial plight of the US Empty The finacial plight of the US

    Post  gdubbmx on Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:47 am

    I feel the need to discuss some things. Things that many people may not know. I'll be touching on many different subjects here, but it all ties together. I'm sure by now most Americans have realized their paychecks are shorter than usual. Insurance premiums are up, way up, compared to just 5 years ago. Food prices have gone up at about the same rate. Fuel prices are at record highs. I'm going to share a bit of personal info here to try and make a point. A few months back, my wife and I decided to purchase a mobile home. It was cheap, and we were spending at the time a RIDICULOUS amount of money on our monthly bills. We ran a bunch of numbers, and decided that the move would make financial sense. My wife is an RN. We have always lived quite comfortably, not rich by any means, but really not wanting for much either. We always were able to keep a decent account balance in the bank in case of unforeseen circumstances. We were able to do this without me working. I stay home and care for the kids. Not my chosen profession, but because I am not college educated I can't seem to find a suitable job to be able to support my family. Well, a few months into our little venture, and after spending a pretty god chunk of money on repairs/renovations, we soon realized our resources were tapped out. We no longer had our cushion, so to speak. At the time of writing this, I am worried we may have trouble paying for general living expenses this week. Here is where I am going with this. We did a yearly projected budget, and found we were nearly $4,000 in the red. That means after all my wife's take home pay is gone, we would still need to come up with roughly $4,000. Our lot rent is a little over $300 a month, which is less than half of the $650 a month we were spending 6 months ago for our house. We are heating with propane, and the bill because it is winter is staggering, to say the least. Still in all, how is it we went from living comfortably to living below poverty level in 6 months? The answer is simple, really. Taxes go higher, paychecks do not. Food, heating fuel, gasoline... All these things go up, the paycheck does not.

    Now for a small history lesson. I know, I know but I'll try and make it as interesting as possible. When the Germans entered into Austria in March 1938, they had brokered a deal with the Austrian leadership to basically state that Germany would get Austria out of it's crippling financial crisis. At first, they did just that. There was suddenly food for everyone, jobs were plentiful, and things seemed like they would be ok. In reality, of course, things were far from ok. The illusion created when the Nazis took over would soon crumble. Over a period of 4 years, the people of Austria were being slowly usurped into what amounted to slavery. First to go were the guns. They were told at first just to register them (New York State 2013) because of the existence of crime. Then they were told because crime was still such a problem, they needed to just turn in their firearms. Many dutifully complied. This allowed the Nazis to further their true agenda which was total domination of the people. One particularly interesting thing they did was to ration food. Can you guess how people had to obtain their food? FOOD STAMPS issued by the government. There are now over 46 MILLION people on food stamps in the US... Do you see a pattern yet?

    Let's take a look at our consumer goods. Pick up anything in your house, and look to see where it is made. I can tell you without even looking. China. What does this have to do with what I'm talking about? Simple. China owns an estimated $1.16 trillion of our debt, i.e. treasury bonds. Our country basically has borrowed enormous amounts of money from China, and other countries as well. A major problem with this as I see it, is that China, after the Newtown shooting, expressed their opinion that Obama needs to "wage war on the second amendment". There is a simple reason they feel they have the, let's say "authority" to do this. There is some speculation that China wants US assets instead of money to pay back our debt.Think that can't happen? Our govt. is printing money at an exponential rate with NO BACKING. In other words, it's not worth the paper it's printed on. The dollar is devaluing more and more, which every country on the planet can see. Why would China want useless currency back? they wouldn't. Here's another little tidbit to chew on. Where have most of our jobs gone from the manufacturing sector? If you said China, you'd be the grand prize winner. They don't want the population armed because they know when we find out they are setting roots in our country, many will want to fight it. There is also much talk of China acquiring US oil fields. If this is indeed the case, someone please explain to me why we aren't using that oil ourselves instead of importing from the middle east? Why? Because it would bring down gas prices, that's why. You're probably like "that makes no sense". It makes perfect sense. Big oil is a big lobby in Washington, and a major contributor to BOTH parties, Republican and Democrat.Less profits=less money fot the oil companies=less money for the politicians. Germany recently asked the US to give back 1500+ tons of gold that is held in NY. The govt. said "well, in about 7 years, you should have it all back". The excuse was the US did not want Germany to cause some huge rift in the gold market, or some nonsense like that. I believe the fact of the matter is we DON'T HAVE IT. Germany wanted to see it, and were told no. Why would the US do that if they had nothing to hide?

    I firmly believe there is a plan to bankrupt this great republic.There are too many things that are financially draining us, and we cannot sustain much longer. We have politicians who get 200+ thousand a year, FOR LIFE. Free healthcare FOR LIFE. The welfare population is steadily growing partly because there are some who are just itching to have the govt. take care of them, while others simply can't find adequate employment.Taxes keep going up, food bills, gas, utilities... All of these things that are burdening the average family leaves little doubt that the elites are actively trying to ruin this country, and Im afraid they are succeeding.There is absolutely NO REASON at all that parents who work shouldn't be able to take care of their families. Even many who went to college are either underemployed, or simply unemployed. Can we fix this? I really don't have the answer for that. I do know that you need to look out for you and yours, and keep your heads down. Things are going to get ugly I'm afraid, and the people that many see as our "protectors" are the very same people that caused the problem. I could go on for HOURS about this, but I'll close by saying we are Americans. We built this country with guts, honor, integrity and spirit. If we could just harness that energy again, we may just have a chance. After all, what's the alternative? Our children being slaves to a communist system which will destroy any sense of individualism that is left. The financial pieces are only a little bit of this huge puzzle, but make no mistake, it is a GIGANTIC little piece. I must admit, I've been so busy worrying about the second amendment fight, that I completely failed to look at this one, and it's right in our face.
    Raspy Rawls
    Raspy Rawls

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    The finacial plight of the US Empty Re: The finacial plight of the US

    Post  Raspy Rawls on Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:23 am

    Whoa!!!! This was a mighty interesting piece my friend. First off, I applaud you step into putting your personal business out in the open. Says alot about you. I already knew it, but others don't. Now as far as your concerns, I think you hit the nail dead on the head. I just finished watching this documentary that brought alot of things to a head for me, and this post falls right in line with it. The Zionist are doing exactly what they planned to do. Look around, Israel has us in their back pocket way worse than China does, but they have everyone so focused on China that we don't look their way. It's chess not checkers, and we need to get them TF outta here so we can run our own dam country!!!


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