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    Post  iammu5ic on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:38 pm

    New to this but not entirely new. This topic will be on this new generation. I am Mark Chandler better known as iammu5ic or @prodigee_iam on Instagram. I can't be the only one that sees what is going on with this new generation. I am only 19 years old yet I am very insightful. Many people both young and old just do not care for opening their eyes and witnessing the truth. They choose to live not only in the governments lies but their on as well. I've witnessed countless of people state that what the government, president, etc. does not effect them that they live their life accordingly to what they choose and choose not to do. They could never be more wrong. When doing this they set themselves up for failure and not only themselves but the children as well and seeing as this generation is spanning out they will fail. They are blind to what's going on. You can say they're in the matrix and are waiting to be unplugged. The grip of this fantasy world they cling to is so strong due to the fact that so many things sidetrack them. Money, cars, clothes, shoes, women, men, etc. so many things influence the younger generation ESPECIALLY the media. Television, Movies, Music, etc. nowadays a rapper will have more influence over a child than a preacher or actual speaker speaking on knowledge and truth. It's a sad world we live in and we'll never unite until so many people can put pass the differences and join together for a greater cause. In a book I was reading the nations constantly battled, stole, and murdered one another. Only when they were threatened by a tyrant of greater power and destruction did they join together and create the national alliance. They put aside their differences and fought side by side whether the person next to the killed a friend or family member before they'd joined together. However after the war they did not split instead they kept the alliance. Today we are separated. By the believers and the non believers. Our eyes are open to the truth because we actually take time to pay attention to what's in front of us unlike the non believers who choose to think that everything is just fine. What angers me even more is how stupid my people have become. All I hear around here is TeamObama, Obama this Obama that. When none of them know a damn thing about what he does. Obama is merely a puppet being pulled by strings he has no real power but what they allow him to do. He is false hope. When law enforcement chooses to bring down a illegal establishment down here they send in a undercover cop. Once gathered enough Info and evidence they bag, tag, and arrest. Obama is just that. So many people are centered around the saying he's the first black president that they are unaware that he could be the enslavement to us all. This shows just how much people are easily sidetracked. Majority of people voted only because the saying he is black. They never educated themselves on anything that he does. They look to him for hope like he is going to make a change when he cannot. I see the same people everyday suffer and look towards the government for help. I can more than understand why gangs have such a strong hold on the youth. Money, Respect, and most of all a Family that has your back no matter what (At least down here). Many people say a high school diploma and college education will get you a good job and money. I am both a high school graduate and currently working on my bachelors or art degree. I make approximately 2000 a month from tattoos alone. And that is just business on the weekend. Many people think they cannot succeed in life without a degree. Which is so untrue there's been plenty of African American leaders who did not have a degree and became well known and make millions (search why I hate school but love education on YouTube). And this generation's female degrades themselves more than anything. Everyday I see young girls 17-25 constantly showing their body just to get likes on a picture or people to follow them on Instagram. It is so sad to see you have 40k or more followers and get 1000s of likes a picture yet don't teach them anything. It's so annoying knowing you have the power to enlighten people but yet you choose to show them your body instead. My Instagram consists of jokes, laughs, and quotes, to brighten my followers day, but every day I not only brightens someone's day I educate them by posting something gun control related, political related, etc. a lot of people have grown to appreciate me for that and encourage me to keep on because most people post pics of only themselves, money, drugs, or shoes. I can only hope that by a joined effort we can one day open the eyes of many people and join together and stop this madness before we are taken over and enslaved. ✊ afro
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    Post  Raspy Rawls on Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:40 pm

    It's refreshing to see someone at your age think the way you do. I appreciate you coming thru to the forum and speaking your mind on this current situation. I guess you can kind of figure the backlash I get, because I am not #TeamObama lol. It's funny because he is not hiding what he is doing. It's blatant! No secrets! Yet we as a people don't want to see it, or we want to use excuses. i.e. The white man messed up all these years, let's give the black man his turn!!! Really, you just spoke those words out your mouth? Slap yourself!!! And this is the reason we will sink the furthers ever as a nation, because they gave us a so-called black president, and everyone relaxed. Now all hell is about to break llose, SMFH!!!


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