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    Post  GodlyMotivated on Wed May 08, 2013 9:56 am

    you are an inspiration to me
    the reason why I continue believing
    like the sun to my shine, the heart to my beat
    the punishment to crime and the cushion for my seat
    you put a grin my lips and a skip in my step
    only because you never stop and you are always one step ahead
    never judged me on my past
    and always let me know when i am going way too fast
    who else could shut me up when i just won’t stop
    cool me down when i am burning hot
    but don’t forget we equal out
    when you are lost and about, i am the one to put you back on the right route
    and when you have drained yourself to the very last drop
    i say those words and convince you to rest, and we both know that takes a whole lot
    at the end of the day we make each other smile
    and for one another there is no doubt we would go the extra mile
    there truly is no one like you, one of a kind masterpiece
    my muse, my lover, my friend, my everything, my inspirational tease
    God chose me, to be this lucky lady
    and ever since this amazing man has drove me love crazy
    yes that would be you, with your raspy voice, complete honesty, and wisdom beyond your own years
    that has inspired me to never give up, always fight, and never give in to my fears

    Godly Motivated, aka Motivation Mindset

    something I wrote about a year or so ago. My inspiration.

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