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    There's poison in them there needles!!!


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    There's poison in them there needles!!! Empty There's poison in them there needles!!!

    Post  gdubbmx on Wed Dec 26, 2012 3:43 am

    The great vaccination hoax has been going on for many years. There are so many reasons to stay away from these poisons, it would take me half a day to list them all... A few of the most damning facts are these: 1. Brain damage. These shots wreak havoc in the body, especially the brain.
    2. Dangerous additives. There have been many advancements in the industry as far as "preservatives" go... How about some toxic mercury in your bloodstream? After all, the CDC says it's good for you....
    3. Dangerous and sometimes FATAL reactions, especially in young kids.

    Many of these people are medical professionals, we're talking brain surgeons and the like. You can search their names, and see their licenses in most cases. Why would any distinguished DR. put their reputation on the line if they did not believe the findings to be true? They put the info out there because plain and simple, these things are DETRIMENTAL to your body!!!! Just look at the statistics... 30 years ago we got maybe 6-7 shots by age 2... Now it is around 26.... The most disturbing aspect of this so called "pre-emptive" medical attack in avoiding the spread of disease is the outbreaks that usually happen occur in VACCINATED kids because it is MANDATORY for kids to be on a vax schedule to get into the public school system... Even more disturbing is how many pediatricians and their assistant drug pusher nurses will tell a parent "it's the law" when it most certainly is not. THAT really bothers me alot... Even the flu shots at this point are a joke. They have NO IDEA what strain of influenza will turn up each year, so it's really a crap shoot when you get your flu shot, but they bombard you with it, don't they?? Signs all over the place, radio, TV, internet.... Ask yourself, why do they push so hard?? Is it because they genuinely care for your health, or the health of big pharma's trillions of dollars a year line.... PLEASE, do yourself and your kids a favor... RESEARCH and ask QUESTIONS before leaping off the cliff, because once you allow them to inject you, there is no taking it back.

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