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    Raspy Rawls
    Raspy Rawls

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    Post  Raspy Rawls on Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:24 pm

    Dear Mr. Jordan,

    I am writing this letters to see if we are both witnessing the same thing going on with our people, and ONLY OUR PEOPLE!!! Just in case you have been out of touch with what is going on, I'll fill you in.... Your company only puts out a limited pair of your signature shoes, when the demand for them is extremely high. This action causes a frenzy, and in this frenzy some lose any aspect of rational thinking that they may have. To the point they rob, steal, and kill over your shoes. People idolize you, I feel it is stupid AF, but hey they do. Yet you prey on their ignorance in order to make a buck. When, if you did not make a single penny another day in your life, you would still be able to live comfortably. So money cannot be the soul purpose of this. I've heard of your fierce competitiveness, but at what point do you put your ego aside for the better of some who have lost their way. Being that they're the ones who buy your shoes more than any other set of people. It is evident that we lack better judgement and cannot think clearly on this issue. Otherwise we wouldn't be killing each other over them. You knowing that people are killing each other your shoes, yet you do nothing to make them more available, makes you an accomplice in my eyes. If I know someone cannot grasp something, and I use it against, if they do anyone harm, I am apart of that problem.
    Numbers show that on average it takes Nike $20 to make your shoes, then turn around and sell them no less than $150. That's a $130 profit off of every shoe, because you do not even need marketing or promotion. The frenzy behind your shoes is more than enough. So you can skip the we have to market and promote it line. All you have to do is put out a release date, and word of mouth will do the rest. The part about this whole thing is, the number of shoes you put out. You may not have the control to just speak it into existence, being you're not the CEO of the brand named after you, but it carries your name which means you play a pivotal role in the grand scheme of things. How hard can it really be to put out more shoes. When I came up they had them in abundance, now it is like one per shoe size. C'mon Mike, you have to see what is going on.
    At first, when hearing about the kid in Houston, TX who was killed over his shoes, I thought that maybe you should consider stopping production altogether. Then I thoughT deeper and the discontinue of your shoes would make them rare, and that would take on another problem in itself. But, if you had the same shoe, at the same price but more pairs, it makes the frenzy not as bad as it is now. You could have a certain amount that could be pre-ordered, but you had to pay more,and more on location. People are killing because they can't get them, when Nike and yourself could agree to make more pairs. It is not like people will stop buying them, they're JORDANS for crying outloud!!! Don't know if this letter will ever reach you, I just pray that you can come to the realization of what is really going on with our people. If you don't wanna do it for me, do it for the kids who have lost a parent or a family member over a pair of your shoes. BLESS....



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