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    Social Insecurities (ranting)


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    Social Insecurities (ranting) Empty Social Insecurities (ranting)

    Post  MsBlyy on Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:30 am

    So I am logged on to Instagram and come across this DROP DEAD GORGEOUS female. Now everyone who knows me know I have very small gay tendencies towards girls, IDK why its always been like then since my adolescent days (not the point). The female had long fine dark hair, she appeared to be something of middle eastern. She also appeared to be loaded with material substances (jewelry, designer clothes and accessories, etc.).

    Personally I went through my "natural hair" stage and I loved it but low-key admired weave and long straight hair. I recently relaxed my hair and is now thinking about purring dreads.

    My question is why am I so stuck on what society tells me is beautiful. Why do I low-key prefer the artificial look that women portray now.

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    Social Insecurities (ranting) Empty Re: Social Insecurities (ranting)

    Post  epitome1920 on Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:08 pm

    Just taking a guess, I would say it is because you may be afraid of rejection for doing something outside of what society deems as normal, professional or acceptable.

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    Social Insecurities (ranting) Empty Your Beautiful Self

    Post  Dlioness7 on Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:29 pm

    Interesting post.

    I think we all have the desire for acceptance. We are our own worst critic and are can always see and tend to focus on our "flaws" as we see them (which become our insecurities). In a world that is SOOO driven by beauty and the overall physical appearance (of anything) we sometimes lose focus of the person that we are in order to gain the acceptance of others. The woman you saw on IG (that you refer to as beautful) I'm sure was a vision of nothing less than beautiful in your eyes (as well as others). Her adornment of the material items that accented her beauty was nothing more than paint on a canvas. In my mind pictures are nothing more than an illusion...all it is is a picture, you know nothing more than what you see and in your mind you create the judgement of character based on the picture. Magazines portray models to sell/ promote an item through an illusion just as she sold her BEAUTY to you. Now I am not saying that she isn't a "vision" of beauty, I have seen women/men that drop my jar and I'm like "WOOOW!" and that is just our human response to the physical.

    We all want the long, flowing hair, the flawless skin, the "perfect" body but what exactly is that? What determines the PERFECT BODY and the FLAWLESS SKIN? Who determines this? ~~> You do...nobody else and until you accept yourself for your IMPERFECTLY PERFECT SELF than who will? Your picture may not get the response that another person's picture may get (or vice versa) but the way you feel about yourself and the SELF acceptance that you have for who you are, what you look like and what you stand for is priceless...those are your jewels that will accentuate your beauty...and that's not an illusion.

    Wear your locks, be your natural self and let your beauty reflect from the inside out. Society sets no rules for the person you are, only you can dictate that and until you are comfortable in your own skin and know your OWN TRUE BEAUTY does it exist...


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    Social Insecurities (ranting) Empty Re: Social Insecurities (ranting)

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