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    Bad credit


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    Bad credit Empty Bad credit

    Post  1_Nita on Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:20 pm

    If the bank puts a cap on my borrowing limits because of my debt to income ratio, why is it ok for the US to be trillions of dollars in debt?
    Clearly, the US has bad credit according to the standard that they hold the rest of Americans to.
    We are always judged by our credit score, it determines our responsibility level, how much interest we have to pay.
    If we were to act like the gov, we would be considered irresponsible.
    These days you can't even get a decent paying job or rent an apt or buy a house unless you have good credit.
    So why does the Gov get to have bad credit?

    Does China know something we don't? How does the US intend to repay the debt? How long is this loan for? What's their interest rate? Does the national debt even exist? They act like they're not worried about even repaying it.

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    Bad credit Empty Re: Bad credit

    Post  epitome1920 on Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:19 pm

    Wait until the US dollar becomes of no worth..that will be a whole lot of fun. Neutral
    Other countries WANT us to keep borrowing money, because our economy is keeping their economy afloat. China refuses to allow a middle class. So they have no self-sustaining market for their industrial output. They NEED us to buy their output. But we sent all our money to them when we bought their past output. So they keep giving our money back to us so we can keep buying more output.It's an endless cycle. Nobody is keeping score. China needs us to buy.China is keeping vast sums of U.S. dollars in reserve, just to keep it off the currency markets and prop up the value of the dollar. When this whole Ponzi scheme implodes, it will take the entire global economy down with it.

    It's not how long can the USA survive. It's how long will the ENTIRE GLOBAL SCAM survive

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