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    The small farm is under attack.....


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    The small farm is under attack..... Empty The small farm is under attack.....

    Post  gdubbmx on Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:55 pm

    I grew up on and around farms throughout my childhood. I have netflix and recently viewed a documentary film titled Farmageddon. I was horrified at what some of the video evidence from home movies of the victims showed. Federal agents and local police raiding small family farms, with GUNS DRAWN for the horrific crimes of providing people with wholesome, non adulterated food. FOOD!!! Raw milk, and raw milk products, free range beef, pork, and poultry... They treat these farmers like DRUG DEALERS AND MURDERERS!!!! What a ridiculous concept that our government thinks it has the right to tell us what we can and CAN'T EAT!!! I implore you to watch this movie. It will truly open your eyes to yet more government interference where it has absolutely NO BUSINESS BEING.....

    Or, go to netflix, and sign up. You get a month free... At the very least, watch the documentary, then if you want, cancel the subscription.... For $8.99 a month, it's well worth my money....

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