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This forum is to present facts to the public that they may be unaware of. Here they can engage in intellectual dialogue with the developer, members, and those who visit. Seeking more KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH!!!

    RESPECT among the FORUM


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    RESPECT among the FORUM Empty RESPECT among the FORUM

    Post  GodlyMotivated on Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:40 pm


    So I am an avid SCBIA reader. I have read just about every post in ever Tab/Topic and every comment. Sometimes I comment, sometimes I dont. But overall I love to hear the knowledge that my people can present and the information and importance of each post.

    But I noticed something from some of you that I did not like at all. And I would put money on it that the creator of this forum and other avid users would agree.

    Now this is not a majority count, but too me this is not an excuse to why this should not be brought to awareness.

    Belittling and mean comments have filled some of the topics/rooms. Its okay not to agree, but being ugly to someone else is unacceptable. This site is based on the raising awareness, educating and uplifting our people. Just a small amount of negativity can change the most positive thing to a very nasty and negative thing. The whole vibe of the forum can be affected. Even worse our forum can be itself tarnished, obliterated, and destroyed by just the smallest amount of negativity.

    We are all adults, young, old, wise, awakened, awakening, and just learning. Yet I still see the petty squandering between each other. There is a fine line between a debate and an argument and once you pass that line, there is true problems. We are not here to hurt one another. If the truth hurts then let it be, but being malicously childish is not cool. Maybe we should start being aware of ourselves and thinking before we speak (or type). ONce you start being nasty to someone, all the respect goes out the window for yourself and for the person, and I will add for this website.

    Arguments= personal, actual and factualness doesnt matter to the person, opinions and they dont really see the tohers view point or maybe they do and just feel like disagreeing

    Debate= is formal, aware of the others view point, presents facts and actual ideas and theories, its more of persuasive and it is not belittling, impersonal

    So lets debate, present facts and stop acting so childish. If you dont agree with someone present the facts and understand that you cant change everyones mind, but you can give them something to think about. DEBATE DEBATE DEBATE
    stop ARGUING, its not worth it. Thats not why you signed up nor is it why you promote and support this forum. And if someone decides to start arguing, dont pay them any mind. Let them talk to themselves. Its that easy, sooner or later they will get curious as to why they are not getting any responses to their comments, and they will begin to educate themselves. Or they will leave, negativity is not something we should be promoting or giving energy to.

    I love you guys, this is why I even posted this. Im not here to judge, thats not my job. My job is to educate. And if you guys/ladies are doing/saying something wrong I will let you know, just as i hope you will let me know.

    On a positive note; keep up the good work, alot of energy and movement is coming to this forum and its is appreciated!!!! We stick together, or we are but one and alone. Stay Proud and beautiful my lovely brothers and sister, kings and queens.

    Stay blessed and aware. Please respect Everyone. Remember if you are disrespecting a man or woman you are truly disrespecting God, for everyone is He.

    Signing out; Godlymotivated aka Motivational Mindset.

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    RESPECT among the FORUM Empty Re: RESPECT among the FORUM

    Post  epitome1920 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:28 pm

    this is the downside to forums. I was a member of quite a few forums before facebook, myspace, twitter, etc came along. And I could tell you that belittling was a regular act. After awhile, it was like, if you weren't in the "in crowd" then you would be subject to disrespect. Just craziness. I agree with you though. It's ok to have an opinion but be careful how you voice your opinion.

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