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This forum is to present facts to the public that they may be unaware of. Here they can engage in intellectual dialogue with the developer, members, and those who visit. Seeking more KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH!!!


    Raspy Rawls
    Raspy Rawls

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    Post  Raspy Rawls on Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:29 pm

    I get asked this question alot. ARE YOU SCARED? If it's not this, it's someone saying that the government is gonna kill me. Look at me good, do it really looks like I give a fuk? Honestly tho? If it does,get ya eyes checked, because I could clearly care less. Reason being, we're all gonna die. It's inevitable! I'm just choosing to live before I die,and die happy. The other reason is because I've looked death in it's face plenty of times on my own. I'm sure you have also. Since y'all say I never talk about me personally, this vent will give y'all a Tad bit of why I just go with No worries......

    I find it funny How some of the same PPL who say the government will kill me, never had a word to say when I was putting that powder up my nose. I mean at one point I was like at dam near an 8 ball a day, No exaggeration. Or when I popped X by the two's out the hundred pack til I couldn't eat for a few days cause my tongue and jar I had chewed up, and my throat was fukd up to where it hurted to even swallow liquids. I could've snorted a bad bag, or popped a bad pill and been outta here. I was staring death in it's face daily and I didn't care. So please inform me why the fuk should I be afraid of being killed for speaking the TRUTH. That sounds like the stupidest shyt I've ever heard. Think about it, imma be scared of dying from something or someone that may surprise me, but I didn't fear it when it's in front of my face. Call me what you want, but I've never been a bitch nigh, and thats exactly what I would be in this case. I've never felt more alive than I do now. Being able to grow as a human and help others do the same. This is a high No drug could give me, and as y'all can tell, I love to get high lol. God allowed me to go through alot in order to train me for the purpose of teaching the people, and that's what I will do. Full fledged and wholeheartedly! And to answer the question again, ARE YOU SCARED? FUKKKKKKKK NO, THEY WILL HAVE TO KILL ME IF THEY WANT ME TO STOP TEACHING THE TRUTH. AND EVEN AFTER THAT THE RECORDS AND PERSONAL ACCOUNTS FROM OTHERS WILL KEEP ME TALKING...... NOW FUK OFF AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY - RASPY


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    ARE YOU SCARED?! Empty Scared??

    Post  1_Nita on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:22 pm

    You know I tell ppl all the time, especially new ppl I meet, that if you have never been through some shyt then you will Never be able to relate to me. Sometimes it takes rock bottom to reach your highest level of self. Once you get to that point and know you are walking the right path spiritually, it is impossible to be scared.

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