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    The Truth About Cancer/ Cancer drug treatments are Pro-Profit business.


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    The Truth About Cancer/ Cancer drug treatments are Pro-Profit business. Empty The Truth About Cancer/ Cancer drug treatments are Pro-Profit business.

    Post  Spreadingthetruth on Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:16 pm

    The cancer industry is a for-profit business. It makes money by treating cancer, not by curing or preventing cancer.
    In fact, there's a huge difference between what the public see with cancer clinics vs. what really happens. The public image of the cancer industry is bright and cheery. "We save lives," they insist, and they claim to offer "support" for cancer survivors (which are more correctly called "chemotherapy survivors").

    But behind closed doors, the real picture of the cancer industry is far more insidious. Cancer centers produce primarily two things: 1) Profits, and 2) Body bags (with cancer victims inside).

    Cancer is a booming business. There's a ton of money to be made in screening for cancer, then causing cancer with the screening equipment, then diagnosing cancer and treating cancer. The purpose of conventional cancer treatments is not to eliminate the patient's disease, but rather to keep the patient alive long enough to receive a never-ending regimen of expensive, high-profit cancer treatments.

    The cancer industry (the conventional cancer clinics, non-profits, drug companies, National Cancer Institute, etc.) flat-out refuses to recommend anti-cancer nutrients (like vitamin D) that could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year. They refuse to speak out against cancer-causing processed meats and carcinogenic chemicals in cosmetics personal care products. They cleverly avoid talking about the environmental causes of cancer, preferring to limit their criticism to only tobacco.

    The vested interests in cancer don't want the general public to hear about cancer cures and natural remedies. That cuts into their profits. They would far prefer that patients remain illiterate victims who have no knowledge of anything beyond surgery, chemotherapy and pharmaceuticals.
    Anything that offers freedom to cancer patients -- freedom of choice, freedom of medicine, freedom to choose their healing modality -- is a threat to the powerful vested interests. And it is those vested interested that are driving first-world nations into disease and bankruptcy, by the way. Rather than allowing natural cancer cures and prevention strategies to see the light of day, they attack and discredit natural anti-cancer products and therapies, much like a Chicago mob boss snuffs out his competition to keep control of the streets.

    One day, when America's economy finally collapses under the weight of irreversible debt, remember this: The cancer industry was one of the major players that drove this nation into bankruptcy. A population suffering from high rates of cancer isn't very productive. Lives are lost and economic productivity plunges. Money that could have been spent on schools and technology research is, instead, spent on conventional cancer quackery known as "chemotherapy." It wastes money, it wastes lives, and it challenges the boundaries of sanity.

    This goes for any nation: If you have a profitable cancer industry, you have no long-term economic future, because the cancer industry will always find clever new ways to cause cancer (mammography) and rake in the profits by keeping the population diseased. The only way for any nation to have a real future is to take the profit out of sickness and disease through a radical restructuring of the entire medical system.

    And remember this: If you're an evil bastard, and you want to make a lot of money (trillions) off of other peoples' suffering, simply latch on to a deadly disease, sign sponsorship deals with the drug companies, tell the public you're "looking for a cure" and then use the money you raise from donation events to actually cause the disease in the population at large.

    This is most easily accomplished by incorporating some sort of disease-causing element into your "screening" process so that when people get your "free screening," they are simultaneously being diseased and are likely to become a future customer. In the cancer business, this is accomplished through mammography which emits radiation, causing breast cancer.

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